And Now For Something Completely Different:

We built The Biorhythm because we got sick and tired of seeing a marketplace flooded with Manifestation offers that are all carbon copy clones of each other!

And guess what?

The audience is getting dried out and tired of it too!

Our goal was $10,000 in test sales... We ended up generating nearly $400,000! This offer is a MONSTER!!

Landing Pages

Proven For High Conversions:

We've run nearly $400,000 worth of sales through these two sales pages in our tests alone. These tests consisted of mainly email and Facebook traffic! Next on our list is to get a version that starts immediately with the police scene and then a "quiz results" landing page and a "FAQ" style retargeting page live :D

See The Future:


This lander is great for the Manifestation/spiritual markets. We use a live actor for the intro and this builds trust and makes it seem more like a news special than a sales video.

Cold Native:


This lander stops people dead in their tracks and forces them to pay attention! The conversion rate for this lander on cold native traffic is CRAZY. It builds mystery and curiosity that pulls in a very broad demographic :D 

 NEW:   Retargeting & Comments:


This lander is my "special sauce" and is to NEVER be used at the front end lander for first time visitors... This lander is for retargeting.

Pro Tip  For people in your Facebook Ad comments complaining they cant see the buy buttons or for any other appropriate situation, cloak this hoplink and drop it right in the commens

PRO Pro Tip  By adding &first_name= to the end of this hoplink and the first name of the person who left the comment after the equial sign, you can customise the page with their name right in the headline! Try it our with your own name!

Quiz Results:

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

This is going to be something special if you use quiz style bridge pages. It's all coming together now and will be updated here when it's ready!


Top Countries

Ranked From Most To Least Sales:

1. 🇺🇸United States (US)

2. 🇨🇦Canada (CA)

3. 🇬🇧United Kingdom (GB)

4. 🇦🇺Australia (AU)

5. 🇿🇦South Africa (ZA)

6. 🇮🇳India (IN)

7. 🇵🇭Philipenes (PH)

8. 🇳🇱Netherlands (NL)

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Email Swipes

Use these email swipes to start. I'd love to hear feedback on how these worked or if you've come up with something even better tailored to your list!

Your feedback will help make these even stronger and help us shape even more high converting email creatives for you in the future!

Swipe #1: 

SL: Powerful App Predicts the Future. Works For Everyone


There's a new program out in the open that everyone is raving about.

It's called The Biorhythm.

Since all the hype surrounding it's launch, I figured I would give it a shot.

When I first saw this information, it completely blew me away.

It's funny how most astrology guides promise you an insight into the future, but in reality, you get stuck with some awkward default text you don't know what to make of it.

I'm happy to say it's not the case with this one.

The Biorhythm is an accurate app that gives out dedicated daily readings, sophisticated software that includes daily insights, along with critical days, and personal advice for an entire month.

This video will show exactly how to take control of your destiny.

So don't wait! Watch this video now. You will be glad you did.

>>Video Here<<

If you want to know when to buy a Powerball ticket, when to ask your crush out for a date or even when to book a vacation or board a plane, then get this information now while it's still online.

It works for everyone.

The man who put this together was actually investigated by the FBI for predicting this celebrity's death

Click the link below now to get this amazing program:

>>Video Here<<




Swipe #2:

SL: Don't Show This to Your Wife…


...or to your friends... or your husband because they might want to stop you and it will be the biggest mistake ever:


The truth is that once in a while, you just need to go with your instincts and do what you feel that it is right without consulting with others.

For instance, I had a massive revelation after I watched this video:


I won't reveal to you what is all about here. I just urge you to stick to the end where the real "juice" is.

As a taste, I'll only say this: the man behind it has been investigated by the FBI for predicting this celebrity's death.

Yes, his video is that powerful! 



Swipe #3:

SL: The Biorhythm: what astrologists don't want you to know


This could be the biggest news of 2020:

An independent research lab announces that they have cracked 'predicting the future'...

By putting together the world's first-ever accurate biorhythm software!

The app has been tested countless times already, and it's been proven to work for anyone using it.

Watch this free presentation and see how you can get your first clear future insights right from the comfort of your home.

>> link <<




Swipe #4:

SL: Do this when you want to win... (W. Buffet method)


OMG... I hope you have seen this:


They call it "God's software"…

Because of its properties to predict one's future.

The top 1% has been using it for decades to amass unspeakable power and fortune...

And you have been led to believe that such a thing doesn't exist.

They tricked all of us!

So, if you want to see the real deal and win for a change, you should check this out ASAP:

>> it's purely awesome



Swipe #5:

SL: [BREAKING] Woman predicts plane crash and survives


You won't believe what I just found:


Rumors say that our country's top 5 scientists have locked themselves in their lab... trying to break this "magic crystal ball" into pieces.

It's been three days now... they're still inside. Why? Apparently, because by using this amazing method, anyone can predict the future... anytime... breaking all the laws of quantum physics known to man. From inside their own living rooms!

It's all here... LINK

The guy that invented it actually predicted Michael Jackson's death one month before it happened.

And by using the same method, a woman decided not to board a flight that was destined to crash.

Furthermore, reports of weird triple and quadruple lottery winners have started to pop up in the same area this guy lives in.

It's all documented right here >> LINK

Have a look.



Facebook Advertising


Two rules every affiliate must follow for the privilege of advertising on facebook/Instagram and not having their Clickbank Accounts shut down.

1) Never try and mislead people into thinking your page is associated directly with our brand. That means keep it niche generic and not containing anything resembling our company name or logo.

2) Always use a bridge or quiz page between your ad and our sales page. Not doing that is the fastest way to burn down your ad account and ruin our domain reputation on Facebook!

Also hang tight as we'll soon provide ad image examples very shortly... Although our top affiliates have always used and tested their own :D 

Pixels & Buyers List:

YES! I'd love to add your purchase pixel to our upsell page! I'll have your pixel dynamically placed on the page within 48 hours and confirm it with you by email!

As soon as your pixel has been placed, I'll email you to let you know and send along a hashed buyers list!

Please Note: It's important to have your bridge or quiz page polished and completed before submitting a pixel request.

Facebook Ads

Want My Winners?

🙋I still can't believe I turned my life around when I recently felt all hope was lost and my life would never get back on track. 

The first key ðŸ”‘ to my salvation was when a friend who felt my pain, passed along a video about Biorhythms and how to use them! 

It was like the entire world was just beating me down 😔

The news, political climate, current events, my career (or lack of for that matter), an empty bank account yet full mailbox with piling up bills - Bills I just could not bring myself to rip open and look at...

I always knew my life's purpose was meant for so much more than this...

But it's easy to get lost in the little things, that all add up until you find yourself buried under them... Just grasping for air

It feels as if you're drowning all while an invisible weight is pressing down, crushing your neck and shoulders at the same time!

You know there's a light at the end of the tunnel but just can't find a simple way to navigate there!

That's when a friend passed along this video she uncovered that changed everything for her.

📼This video talked about biorhythms and how I could use them to show me the direct path out of this mess of a life that was leading me to an early grave.

I decided I had nothing to lose and gave it a chance...

And to my surprise, it felt like I could clearly look into my future, see roadblocks 🚧 heading my way -- And easily sidestep them as they came.

So now instead of stepping into sinkholes so to speak -- I was floating over them without even breaking a sweat and finally moving forward towards all my life's goals.

Understanding and reading my biorhtyhams honestly feels as if I've acquired some kind of superpower 🦸

It's simple enough that anyone can follow in my footsteps and start to see how quickly our lives can turn around for the better. Even if everything feels absolutely hopeless right now... Like nothing will ever get better.

With this training and biorhythm tool explained in the video, I finally welcomed an abundance of wealth, health, and love into my life for the first time in over a decade!

It really feels like I now have the magic of a real-life crystal ball 🔮 in my hands with the power to ask it anything about my future...

Not only getting a direct answer back, yet it feels as if I'm now able to reach my hand in and pull out my greatest life's dreams -- Instantly having them become a reality.

✅ Imagine finally aligning with your true life's purpose to see all your greatest dreams and goals achieved...

✅ Imagine tapping into your inner powers and having nothing but enlightenment and bliss start to pour from your full being...

✅ Imagine experiencing higher levels of self-consciousness, now finally having a "direct-shortcut" so quickly aligning with our higher-selves.

✅ Finally unlocking the door to welcoming in an abundance of love, health, and wealth we've always dreamed for ourselves in this lifetime.

And if I hadn't made this very important decision...

❌ My bank account would still be empty, with bills piling up while I hide from my mailbox in hopes they'd leave my mind so I can try and sleep at night

❌ The shame and guilt would still have me dreading the day ahead, unable to ever see a brighter tomorrow. Causing a rift between family, friends, and feeling as if I was inadequate or "not enough" when it came to having true love

❌ And I'd still be in the same place today where I was back then -- Suffering from feelings of defeat and hopelessness, not just for myself but for this world!

I never again want to have "that" life and I certainly don't want you to go one day more like that either...

Depression, shame, and hopelessness melt away into happiness and bliss as the feeling of awakening and enlightenment washed away our old limiting beliefs.

So go ahead and tap the image below to learn more about giving yourself the tool I used to change everything for the better!


Coming Soon

Winning ads will be placed here after testing

Coming Soon

Winning ads will be placed here after testing

Brand New Affiliate?


Let me be blunt...

When you make your first sale, I wanna be the first to celebrate with you...

There's nothing I love more!

Yet, what I don't have time to do, is teach you how to make it.

There are two types of affiliates:

1) The ones that ask "what's are your top affiliates doing?"


2) The ones that tell me "Now, here's what I'm doing"

If you fall into category one... It's crucial you watch the video I've made for you. Truth is if you contact me with question one, you may never get a response back. I know the guy who'd love to answer those question all day long and it would be my pleasure to introduce you to him!

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