Spotting Critical Days

In every single rhythm, a critical day will occur on day 1 of a new cycle and when the rhythm goes from plus to minus.

These are days you'll experience the greatest instability with the cycle being neither up or down.

Since biorhythm studies show that most accidents occur and illnesses begin on these days, more care should be taken.

Critical days makeup about 20% of your lifetime and are the time you'll be at your most vulnerable to critical situations.

Now, these are not to be feared to a time to spend the day in bed hiding under covers.

By simply being aware of the critical day ahead, you'll be able to face the day head-on more consciously with both eyes open and both ears listening.

These days will make you far more accident-prone so greater care should be taken in performing daily activities.

Critical days during your emotional cycle should be approached very cautiously.

Your ability to react to situations quickly and with good judgment will greatly be impaired. For this reason, drivers should be especially careful on critical emotional days.

What's interesting about critical days are that they will always be on the weekday of your birth.

So say if you had been born on a Wednesday, you can anticipate a critical day every other Wednesday. By simply being aware of this fact, you can easily avoid a woeful Wednesday by taking extra care of the first and the fifteenth days of this rhythm.

When a critical day in the emotion rhythm coincides with a critical day in the physical rhythm, the day is referred to as a double critical day, and the possibility of error or accident is greatly increased.

Double critical days occur about six times a year.

Critical days in your intellectual rhythm are not considered to be as important. The only time to really pay close attention is when it coincides with another critical day of the other two rhythms.

I'd recommend during an intellectual critical day that you hold off making important life decisions.

So we know single critical days are bad and double critical days are much worse...

Is there such thing as a triple critical day??

Unfortunately, YES!

A triple critical day occurs when all three rhythms are beginning new cycles or switching into minus on the same day.

This happens only about once a year and you definitely will want to look out for it coming.

Critical days can also be potentially dangerous when the cycles are in conflict with each other.

For example, when an emotional or intellectual critical day in combination with a physical high, could produce an tragic accident. In that case, you might not be alert or using common sense at a time when you're exceptionally strong or energetic.