Introduction To Biorhythms

Your life will never be the same again once you accept and understand how biorhythms play their role in it.

You now possess the power through this membership to look into your future and see first hand which days may be good and which days may be bad.

Until now you've only been able to look back at life to see the path you've chosen and had no real guidance along the way. Until now we've gone and made decisions based on natural intuition and "gut feelings" that haven't always worked well in our favor.

But were these "intuitions" and "gut feelings" have all stemmed from are what we now calling Biorhythms.

It's indisputable that we are surrounded by invisible factors surrounding all of us each day that play a role in our wellbeing.

Approximately 22 days after conception, A human heart starts beating rhythmically. With the start of that rhythm comes the start of our life as we know it.

It wasn't until the technology was invented in 1895 called electrocardiogram (ECG or EKG) that turned the invisible into readings we could see with our eyes and start to make sense of these rhythms.

While your heart beats to rhythm after conception, it's believed by many that your body also follows a rhythm upon birth. 

This is now what we call Biorhythms and can be broken down to three core rhythms.

Physical; Operating on a 23-day cycle

Intellectual; Operating on a 28-day cycle

Emotional; Operating on a 33-day cycle

While we can easily measure and calculate how we are feeling these rhythms internally at the moment...

It was never before possible to look ahead and accurately predict how we would feel in the near future.

Now THAT's where The Biorhythm Generator comes in!

It will make the hard calculations for you and show you exactly what's up ahead for you in the days to come.

Half of the days will be plus days in which you'll be at your best.

The remaining half is minus days where during this time you'll be in a state of recuperation and efficiency is reduced.

Inbetween plus days and minus days are what we call critical days and when you'll want to take more care out in the world.

We'll cover those more in-depth in The Critical Day Report in the member's area!


Your 23-day physical rhythm affects energy, endurance, resistance to disease and strength.

The eleven and a half plus days in the cycle are conducive to any activity that requires peak physical performance. This makes it an excellent time for intensive athletic training.

During the eleven and a half minus days, a person may tire more quickly and feel less energetic.

It would be better for athletes to practice routine exercises than to risk overtraining during this period.


The emotional cycle of 28 days affects feelings and creativity. During these 14 plus days, a cheerful outlook on life exists.

When two rhythms are in the plus phase simultaneously, remarkable accomplishments are possible.

This tends to be most notable when looking at record-breaking gold-winning Olympic athletes in history such as Michael Phelps!

Yet, the 14 minus days of the emotional rhythm often find a person irritable and negative.

Emotional outbursts toward parents or friends, for example, are likely.

The ability to react to situations quickly and with good judgment is also impaired.


Mental alertness, reasoning power, and logic are affected by the 33-day intellectual rhythm.

During the sixteen and a half-day plus days, the individual performs intellectual activities better, since memory functions at its peak performance and mental responsiveness is keen.

This is an excellent time in which to study new subjects or tackle mathematics. 

Learning is easier and the retention of learned material is increased during plus days.

The minus days are good days for practice or review because intellectual capacities are reduced.

When applying biorhythm readings to yourself or others are need to take in factors such as personality, age current state of health and temperament.