Quick Start Guide:

I've pieced this quick little guide together to show you how to swiftly maneuver the interface and get a basic understanding of all the data you see!

At first, it can all appear overwhelming but there are only three simple things you need to learn to be off to the races with your reading!

(I'll get to these 3 things soon, yet first, let's go ahead and generate our first reading)

  1. Select "Launch" from the top navigation bar
  2. From here, enter your birthdate information
  3. Press "calculate>"

And that's all it takes to generate a reading! I'll show you later in the guide on how you can change this date to provide readings for anyone. All you need to know is their date of their birth. Be it friends, family, celebrities or even athletes!

Reading Your Results:

Now you'll see there is a ton of data here at first glance and you may be thinking "How am I supposed to understand all this?!"

Well, it's not only simple, but you'll be able to soon understand all this in seconds and impress others with your ability to read all this information.

First off, let me break down and explain all of the areas of The Biorhythm Generator

This First section gives you your shockingly accurate horoscope reading! This is a daily reading and we highly recommend you start your day each morning right here!

Below that, you'll see all of your Biorhythm numbers for today at a glance!

These numbers may not mean much to you right now but in a few seconds, I'll get to exactly what they mean. 

This next section is where things get powerful because THIS is your Biorhythm graph! 

What makes this so powerful is that our rhythms fluctuate up and down. On a graph like this we can see:

i) Where we've been
ii) Where we are now
iii) What's headed our way in the days to come.

Now, there is a heck of a lot of data displayed all at once, so let's simplify things to help understand it all better.

If you press on any of the bubbles in the "Primary Circles" area, you can hide or show that specific reading on the graph.

For explanation purposes, let's go ahead and turn them all off except for "physical"

Now see how this graph is a lot less overwhelming and we can clearly see the data showing us our physical reading!

When first starting out try going through all your cycles just one at a time on the graph like the screenshot above!

Along the bottom of the graph is where you can locate specific recent days for your reading. Couldn't tear yourself away from bed three days ago? You can quickly locate your physical reading on that day to confirm if it read low!

And below all that is your daily and monthly calendar! We recommend you print this out or transfer the information to your phone.

Use it to keep a journal of how you feel on certain days, when strange things happen and highlight any upcoming critical days heading your way so you can prepare.;

What These Results Mean:

Now as I mentioned earlier, there are only three things to plot out on each graph to know everything you need to know

1) Lowest Point: The curve is called negative when it is moving downwards from the central horizontal line.

2) Highest Point: The curve is called positive when it is moving upwards from the central horizontal line.

3) Critical Days: The critical days are when the curve is crossing the central horizontal line – either up or down.

Here is where they are on the example reading I've generated:

Your lowest point is your weakest time period in each cycle and the closer to "-100" you are the worse.

Your highest point in a cycle is "100" and this represents when you're at your best!

The day that your cycle lands on "0" is what we call a critical day! This is when your cycle changes from a negative to a positive or the other way around.

The strongest critical days are when your positive readings cross over the "0" mark on its way down to a negative reading.

These days are when you're at your most vulnerable for accidents or making mistakes!

You've spent the past few days at your peak performance and until this moment you've never known what or when your critical day was about to hit. These are the days you feel as if you have two left feet, lock your keys in the car or realize you've just driven through a red light.

When you can plot these days now ahead of time you can take precautions on these days to be more aware and mindful.

When plotting out the lowest, highest and critical days on our graph, it's common practice to first focus on the main three cycles: Physical, Emotional and Intellectual.

Here's a cheat sheet to understanding what these three represent and can tell us:

And that's all there is to it really! Great job!

Ever want to change the date or look up someone else's reading?

Tap the blue calendar icon on the top left of the navigation.

Why not try snooping on say, Donald Trump by entering in his birthday: June 14, 1946

Now, you'll also notice the ability to enter a second date in this area here.

This is where you can check out your compatibility with another! Entering a second date here will add a new compatibility section to your reading!